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Blog & News/#FastaffNurseFamily: Sheppard Shares His Story

#FastaffNurseFamily: Sheppard Shares His Story

May 11, 2016

By: Sheppard Johnson, Recruiter 

My time as a Fastaff recruiter has led me to several meaningful relationships with my nurses. One nurse in particular has become an important part of my #FastaffNurseFamily.

LaDonna Dawson is an OR tech who has completed multiple travel assignments over the past year. She hits the road to help support her family and put her kids through college back home in Louisiana. She has a husband, who also works as a tech, and three children. She enjoys her family and friends, the company of her fellow travelers and co-workers, food, and fun. She has an infectious personality; joking around and laughing are common during our conversations. Every time we speak, I hang up with a smile on my face.

A few weeks ago, I received an email from LaDonna while she was on assignment in Bronx, NY. She had been struck by a large truck while crossing the road on her way home from work. She was run over and miraculously survived. Her injuries were quite extensive. She saw an orthopedic surgeon and was declared unfit to continue the remainder of her assignment, as she would need multiple surgeries to repair the damage to her knees. Needless to say, LaDonna was distraught and upset, beaten and battered, both emotionally and physically. She was beyond disappointed and felt as if she had let me, her family, and Fastaff down. I was blown away at how unselfish and dedicated she was to her work and family, and incredibly, to me. I assured her there wasn’t a thing to concern herself with, and I encouraged her to travel home ASAP to be with her family and recover. We flew her home immediately so she could be somewhere familiar with those closest to her. She was extremely thankful after we/Fastaff sent her a get-well basket shortly after her return home. She called to tell me how thankful she was to have a friend in her recruiter and a company that truly cared.

Working with LaDonna has been amazing. I hit the lottery when she was assigned to me. She is rich in passion and drive, she never complains about the job or being away from her family and she is continuously driven to be the best. Although we’ve never met face-to-face, we chat over the phone like a brother to a sister. LaDonna is the most respectful and authentic traveler I’ve ever encountered and I consider her a part of my #FastaffNurseFamily.

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