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Blog & News/#FastaffNurseFamily: Alisha Shares Her Story

#FastaffNurseFamily: Alisha Shares Her Story

May 11, 2016

By: Alisha Trujillo, Fastaff Recruiter 

When I think about my career at Fastaff and my #FastaffNurseFamily over the last 11 years, I see that it’s one in the same. I have formed deep, meaningful relationships with both my colleagues and nurses. As a recruiter, I manage a database of nurses who have been wonderful to work with over the years. I have also covered my colleague’s desks, and have formed relationships and helped their nurses since we are one big team.

Recruiting has much more meaning to me than just placing nurses and techs on assignment. I’m asking them to leave home and leave their family and friends which requires trust. Each nurse or tech is looking for a unique experience; some have families they travel with and others have pets they consider their children. As I look to place each person, I spend time learning about their specific needs. These conversations become personal as I help my nurses and techs plan time off for weddings, graduations or even awesome vacations they can now afford.

The relationships I’ve developed with my nurses are important to both me and them. I’ve asked a couple members of my nurse family to share their experience working with me as their recruiter at Fastaff over the years.

 I started my travel nursing career in the summer of 2013. That summer, while I was still on assignment with another company, I was first introduced to Alisha Trujillo. It was at that time that I forged my initial working relationship/friendship with Alisha while preparing for my first assignment with Fastaff. I secured my assignment with Fastaff in October 2013, and my last assignment at Fastaff ended in December 2014. I spent nine months (four contracts) working in Ft. Lauderdale during my time with Alisha. Since I started working for Fastaff, I have had a wonderful relationship with Alisha, whether I was on assignment or not. Alisha will take the time to just "touch base" with me to see how I’m doing. She asks about both family and work. She cares about what I need and what she can do for me. She cares about her nurses, regardless if they are currently on assignment. Of all the recruiters I have worked with in the last 3 years, Alisha is by far the most personable and caring. Because of the way Alisha treats me, both as a potential recruit and friend, I have made it a point to recommend her to a few of my fellow nursing friends which have also raved about how much they love working with Alisha. Over the last three years, I have thoroughly enjoyed the time we've spent talking — whether it's about work, family or how the weather is in Colorado or NY. 

  • Iisha Monroe, PICU RN

I would like to express a token of appreciation to Alisha Trujillo for her commitment in providing excellent service and dependability as my recruiter at Fastaff.

I have worked with Alisha for approximately five years, and throughout those years we have formed a mutual friendship based on trust and integrity. I enjoy working with her because she keeps her word, and is always available to respond to questions or listen to concerns with openness and readiness to help. She also returns calls promptly.

Sometimes, when I go on a vacation, I share my experiences with her and she listens with interest. I feel like she does not only see me as an employee, but a real person with different aspects of life. I also see her as a dynamic person who can wear many hats as a recruiter and friend. She is easy to talk to on a professional and personal level. Although we have never met physically, I feel like we are good buddies. 

Thank you Alisha for all your help over those years.

  • Sharon Jeffrey, Mom/Baby PP RN

To say I enjoy my job is an understatement. It has truly been my pleasure to work alongside the most amazing people. The friendships that I’ve been lucky enough to form is the added bonus. Working at Fastaff has been a wonderful ride and experience.

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