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Fastaff’s Clinical Services Team: Your Nursing Ally

August 30, 2017

Travel nursing comes with unique challenges and can present unexpected roadblocks while you’re out there on the road. But rest assured, you are not alone. The Fastaff Clinical Services team, a group of accomplished and experienced nurses, is always here to help you through any challenges you may face as well as to cheer you on through your successes.

The Fastaff Clinical Services team is on staff to ensure that your specialized experience and abilities are the right fit for the needs of the hospital, and make sure that you thrive in each value-driving assignment. The Clinical Services team will guide you along the initial processes, such as pre-screening and interviews, to ensure you are ready to hit the ground running at a new hospital. Once you arrive on the job, they can help you navigate any issues you may face.  They provide advice and guidance, serve as advocates for you in disputes, and simply provide clinical support during the sometimes unexpected challenges of travel nursing.

Fastaff travel nurses like Jasmine E. RNC-OB, have relied on the Fastaff Clinical Services team and recognized the team: “Thank you so much for your timely and professional responses to the issues I am having here [at the facility]. It’s nice to know I am working with a company that cares about clinical practice and safe patient care.”

Here’s the Fastaff Clinical Team:

Meet Michelle Brudigan, RN, BSN, Vice President of Clinical Services

As Vice President for Clinical Services, Michelle Brudigan oversees the hiring and professional standards for Fastaff travel nurses. Michelle attended the University of Nebraska Medical Center and received a B.S. in Nursing. She has worked as a staff nurse in both the Intensive Care and Neonatal Intensive Care Units. Since joining Fastaff in 2001, Michelle has served in many roles, including Director of Credentialing, Regional Sales Director and Account Manager, but has fond memories of working at the bedside.  She laughs about how much easier it was to reposition a patient in the NICU compared to an Adult in the ICU.

When people ask her how she likes nursing and if she’d want her daughter to be a nurse when she grows up, her answer is an resounding yes. Michelle says she loves that there are so many things you can do as a nurse, such as bedside nursing, medical device or pharmaceutical sales, working for an insurance company or law firm, or even her job at Fastaff. Even though she hasn’t worked at the bedside in several years, Michelle says she still gets to talk to nurses and hospital leaders every day and feels like she’s a part of it all. Michelle is proud that in an indirect way, she can still make an impact on patients’ lives. 

Meet Ashley Gabor, RN, BSN, Senior Manager of Clinical Services


Ashley Gabor brings a diverse nursing background to the Clinical Services Team. She graduated from St. Petersburg College with an ADN in 2007 and earned her BSN, with Cum Laude Honors, in 2010. Currently, she is studying for a MBA with a focus in Healthcare Administration. Ashley has held management, supervisory and staff roles while focusing on the Medical Surgical, Ambulatory Surgery, Post Anesthesia Care Unit and Hospice specialties. Growing up, Ashley dedicated seven years of her childhood to the sport of gymnastics, but when she entered her teenage years, she quit to join an all-male street hockey league. In her second season, her team, the Capitals won the Championship, making her the first-ever female champion in the league.

Ashley recalls working nights as a nurse and remembers drinking coffee all night long. “I would have my last cup at around 0630 and would still be able to go home and sleep like a rock,” she says.

Meet Leslie Manning, RN, BSN, Clinical Services


Leslie Manning graduated with a BSN in 2005 and has 12 years of medical experience in a variety of areas including Pediatrics, Infants & Triage. She has previously worked as Pediatric RN at a nationally ranked Pediatric Trauma Hospital and continued to work in Pediatrics in an office environment after moving to Colorado. Leslie’s previous role at Fastaff was as a Recruiter and Discovery Team member, and she enjoys working as a lead mentor and trainer for new recruiters while still being fully immersed in her role in the Clinical Services team. Outside of work, she enjoys shopping & spending time with her family and friends.

One thing Leslie remembers about nursing is more celestial than clinical. “You know it’s a full moon without looking at the sky. There are more admissions, stranger cases, and lots of babies born.” Leslie believes a nurse’s motto should be, “I can do anything for 12 hours,” and says every nurse learns not to say the ‘Q’ word, (Quiet), because once that word is spoken, things start to become crazy.

Kristina Mordecai, RN, Clinical Services


Kristina Mordecai has 17 years of experience in a variety of areas including SDU/Telemetry, GI Lab, and Orthopedics. She has previously worked as a Fastaff travel nurse, which allowed her to excel in leadership roles in healthcare staffing and in her current position in the Clinical Services team. She graduated with honors from her bachelor program and is currently pursuing a Stress Management certification. Outside of work, she enjoys gardening and hiking. She has a love for sports cars (old and new) and attends many of the car shows in Denver.

When Kristina was at the bedside, she started every shift with a Snickers bar and a Mountain Dew. “It gave me the energy burst I needed to start the shift and I felt I couldn’t live without them. My body would not appreciate that now. I wish I still had that 20s metabolism!”

The Fastaff Clinical Services team is ready to help you at any point in your travels and hopes you end your assignment with rich experiences and confidence in your ambitions. They value that you are the first to serve in urgent and crucial situations, and are here to support you.

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