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Blog & News/May 2024 Nurse of the Month

May 2024 Nurse of the Month

May 28, 2024

Name: Toni Gillespie
Specialty: Med/Surg Tele; ER
Number of assignments: 18
Number of years with Fastaff: 21 years

1. Why do you love working with Fastaff?

I love working and continue to come back to Fastaff because of my recruiters, the pay, and the fact that they reimburse for license and recertification’s.

2. What do you love about nursing?

I love working with clients/patients in general. I love teaching and being able to have time to spend with my patients individually. I am an ER nurse too – I really miss working there – the adrenaline of it all - Helping someone make it back home to their loved ones.

3. What makes travel nursing rewarding for you?

The rewarding part of traveling is the different locations and adventures that come with it. Meeting new people that become lifelong friends and of course, depending on locations – the food. Also, because I travel for work. I also travel for personal/play time all over the world.

4. Tell me about a time when you felt more valuable/respected because of the experience and knowledge you gained from your Fastaff assignment.

I guess this would be when taking care of my patients and I get or receive their acknowledgement of what a great nurse I am. The appreciation from my patients means everything in this day and time when everyone is easy to anger or saddened by their circumstance. That thank you goes a long way.

As far as the staff/co-workers, when they acknowledge and respect your experience and know that you are there to help, however needed. And then they acknowledge you. Well, that’s the cherry on top of the ice cream you saved for last.

5. What has been your most challenging Fastaff assignment and how did you feel that impacted your worth as a nurse afterward?

My most challenging Fastaff assignment was during COVID. My grandson at 2 months had just had his 2nd open heart surgery and I had been sick but hiding it from others so that I keep working just in case something fell down the drain. Well, I fell down the drain. The stress took a hold of me. I was barely hanging on emotionally, mentally, and physically. My body just broke and I was out of work for 5 months for emergency surgery, not expected.

I could no longer help anyone, not even myself, which is why it is important to take care of yourself first because unless you do that, you are no good for anyone else.

6. Describe the most miraculous or impressive thing you’ve witnessed or been a part of during your time as a nurse with Fastaff.

The most miraculous thing I can say being a part of Fastaff is I went from being a Med/Surg Tele nurse to a level 1 ER nurse in 4 hours and never looked back in the 17 years I did it. Fastaff truly changed my life and my specialty.

7. How have you accomplished some of your personal and professional goals by traveling with Fastaff?

I have many accomplishments: I can provide for myself, travel the world, meet new friends, and work with some great people, I was able to move into a specialty that I absolutely loved until my body said, that’s enough. I’ve been with Fastaff since the beginning of my travel career - 21 years and they have been here for me.

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