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Seize the Season: Unlock Holiday Bonuses with Fastaff

November 10, 2023

The holiday season, with its festive atmosphere and joyous celebrations, is upon us. However, it is also a critical time for healthcare professionals as they face increased demands and unique challenges.  

Fastaff recognizes the hard work and dedication of these professionals by offering an exclusive holiday bonus, highlighting the company's appreciation for its travelers and their support during this busy season. 

Holiday Bonus Details: 

For travelers who are available to work during the crucial weeks of Thanksgiving, Christmas, or New Year's:  

Earn up to $1,500, with a $500 bonus for each holiday week worked during Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s.   

To be eligible, healthcare professionals must be available for the entire week and fulfill their hourly guarantee.  

Fastaff encourages interested individuals to contact their recruiters for more detailed information and to ensure they meet the necessary criteria. 

The Critical Role of Healthcare Professionals During the Holidays: 

The holiday season brings a surge in hospital admissions, with common health challenges such as the flu and COVID-19 adding to the increased demand for healthcare services. Healthcare professionals are indispensable during this time, making sure patients receive the care and attention they need. Their commitment and dedication are critical, and Fastaff is committed to providing them with the support they need to thrive during this demanding period. 

 Find Support with Ingenovis Health's ACT Program: 

To further assist healthcare professionals during the holidays, Fastaff highlights the availability of Ingenovis Health's ACT program. This program offers a wealth of resources invaluable for clinicians dealing with the stresses and challenges of the holiday season. 


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