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Don't overlook the full benefits of a Travel Nurse

May 11, 2011

If you’re looking for a new challenge in nursing, travel RN jobs offer an abundance of opportunities throughout the U.S., whether you seek a job in a large, prestigious hospital or with a small, community-based hospital.

While you’ll likely be thinking of how the new work will beef up your resume - meeting new professionals and experiencing new nursing theories - don’t overlook the comprehensive benefits that a travel RN job can provide.

Salary is typically first on your mind. At this writing, hourly rates for a travel RN start at $34/hour and go up to $75/hour - more if you’re working during a job action. The hourly rate you can command will depend on your specialty and years of experience. With the high salary you’re earning, you often can plan for early retirement, buy your own home, send a child to college or pay for things that otherwise may be out of reach.

Travel RN opportunities generally come with housing coverage, but don’t assume the quality of your housing. Ask questions. Is it close to your work site? Is public transportation nearby? Do the amenities meet your needs? Ask your recruiter what you can expect. Meanwhile, travel to your destination also will be covered, whether you fly or drive.

Travel nursing offers other great benefits, as well,  including healthcare insurance, disability insurance, flex-spending programs, 401(k) plans (often with a match program) and lucrative bonuses for referring colleagues to a travel RN position.

There are plenty of challenges that come with travel nursing, but, for those who are ready for the work, the rewards are significant.

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