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Don’t Just Survive the Holidays; Enjoy Them

December 8, 2016

Working as a travel nurse often means surviving late nights, long days, and spending the holidays away from your family and friends while caring for others. Fortunately, you don’t have to dread the holidays if your schedule separates you from loved ones.

Follow the tips below to truly enjoy the holidays even if you’re not surrounded by family.

Surround Yourself With Holiday Cheer

Decorate your room with candy canes, gingerbread houses and stockings to instantly brighten your mood when you return from a long shift. Share your holiday cheer at work, too. Hang mistletoe at the nurses’ station, add garland to your coworkers’ lockers, and place a wreath in the waiting rooms to infuse holiday magic on your unit.

Celebrate With Coworkers

Holiday comfort food can raise anyone’s spirit. Skip your bagged meal and organize a festive lunch or dinner for everyone in your unit. If the celebration is potluck style, you’re bound to have a delicious and cheerful feast.

Embrace New Holiday Traditions

If you’re used to drinking hot chocolate and opening presents with your family, you can still participate in the tradition with a twist; set up a skype call. Technology enables close contact with your family, even if you are in different states. If you embrace new holiday traditions instead of fighting them, you might find yourself smiling a little easier during the holidays.

Slow Down

Travel nurses are busy people, and it’s easy to feel like you’re always rushing from shift to shift. During the holidays, take time to slow down and notice the decorations that adorn streetlamps and houses. Take the time to admire the twinkling, festive lights that line your neighborhood or the way the sun uncovers diamonds in the fresh snow.

Practice Gratefulness

Even if you’re unable to be home during the holidays, practicing gratefulness can help put things into perspective. If you’re working while your family is celebrating at home, be grateful for your job; it allows you to change lives and care for the people who need it most. Be grateful that you have loving family members and friends who support your dreams and ambition. Practicing gratefulness everyday can develop into a wonderful habit that’ll provide you with an instant happiness boost long after the holidays are over.

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