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Day Trip Ideas for Nurses...Anywhere!

January 19, 2016

What do travel nurses do during their down time? Life in a city that is new to you doesn’t mean spending your days off inside watching TV. One of the perks of this career option is the chance to see new places. Finding the right day trip will help you fill that time and make a few memories. Consider some ways travel nurses relax and enjoy their host city.

Hit the Local Parks

Parks these days are more than just green spaces. Major cities have parks full of fitness trails, community gardens, wildlife reserves and sports centers. The right park could take days to fully enjoy. Spend one day exploring the trails and the next one enjoying some pickup volleyball.

Before you leave on assignment, make a list of all the parks near your work facility and what they have to offer. Once you get there, you can check out each one until you’ve seen them all.

Learn the History

History buffs will love life as a travel nurse. Research the city you are visiting to learn about the history and then spend your off time seeing it for yourself. From the birthplace of the most famous citizens to celebrity grave sites, history never gets boring.

Show Hop

Maybe instead of history, you enjoy live music or entertainment. Find out what venues feature the best bands and hit them up during your stay. Look for music festivals in the area and check out concerts during your time there, too.

You can expand your love of live shows, local plays, and community theaters, as well. Explore the local art culture while you travel. From comedy shows to ballet to dinner mysteries, find out what’s playing and enjoy yourself.

Investigate Some Weird Science

Museums are an obvious answer when you are looking for things to do in a host city, but expand your thought process to the weird and wacky, too. Every town has a science museum these days, but what about the local tractor historical society or the history of spiders’ exhibit? Think beyond the obvious to get a unique learning fix while on the job.

Just Explore

You are in a new place, so why not just go out and experience it. Plan one or two days to blindly explore the area. Borrow or rent a bike and ride around to see what there is to see. Go online and make a list of something interesting in every neighborhood in the vicinity of your workplace. If you have transportation, think beyond the local culture and look for something in every neighborhood. Working as a travel nurse allows you to find the city of your dreams. Exploring each new place is how you’ll know you found it.

There should be nothing mundane about traveling. A career as a travel nurse allows you to enjoy new experiences and make money at the same time.

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