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Comfy Enough to Wear All Day: Nurse Watches We Love

February 25, 2015

Nurse watches should be chosen for form, function, durability and perhaps a bit of color or humor to brighten your day. Ideally, your watch should be low profile so that it doesn’t easily snag or catch on clothing. It should also feature a vibrant and readable time display and a second hand (for measuring pulse, BP and respiration rates). Finally, you should select a waterproof or water-resistant watch to stand up under frequent, vigorous hand washing.

Consider a jelly-style band and case frame, which may bounce rather than bang or scratch when it comes up against a hospital bed railing.

Tip: If you don’t spend lots of money, you won’t be devastated if your watch is killed in the line of duty. In no particular order, here are some great watches for nurses to consider:

Smiley Face Lapel Watch is a clip-on for wearing options and whimsy

Domire Nurses Silicone Rubber Tunic Fob Watch with Necklace (cheap enough to buy a dozen, one in every bright color that you like)

Klox Dr. Nurse Belt Clip Watch (a black or silver fob watch with glowing dial)

Cyber Gel™ Scrub Watch with a classy and classic silicone band and plastic crystal (smooth profile so it won’t catch on your stethoscope easily)

Stethoscope Watch attaches conveniently to your stethoscope, with medical symbols on the face

Nurse Mates Watch with medical themed symbols on the face

Share the Care Ribbon Watch with "support breast cancer patients" pink ribbon on the face

24-hour Glow Watch provides military time and luminescence

Personalized Caduceus Watch There are a few different stories explaining the background and meaning of the caduceus (and the similar Staff or Rod of Asclepius) symbols from Greek mythology, described here by LiveScience.

RN Caduceus with Monogram Watch is customizable

Timex Stretch Band (so you can push the watch up your arm when washing hands, but may be uncomfortable for those with arm hair), shows day and date

Tank Style Nurse Watch for a different look, refined style and rectangular shape, with “comfort” wide band

Brightly Colored Unisex SportMate Watch offers super bright color options (this one is orange)

None of the above timepieces has all the qualities of the ideal nurse's watch, which are subjective in any case, but we hope we have inspired you with a variety of options!

Do you have a favorite watch to wear during your shift? Why does it work best for you?

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