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Blog & News/City Spotlight: Palo Alto, CA

City Spotlight: Palo Alto, CA

March 8, 2016

If you are looking at the Bay area for your next travel assignment, why not consider the city that is called an “incubator” for high-tech companies like Google, Facebook and Skype. Palo Alto sits on the rim of San Francisco and has a population of around 64,000.

For travel nurses interested in this location, it is a way to enjoy all the perks of the Bay without dealing with the big city hustle and bustle. There is plenty to love about this community, too, on days you don’t feel like making the trip to San Francisco.

How Livable is Palo Alto?

Palo Alto scores high marks in almost every category and has a “livability” score of 85. For one thing, the crime is very low in this area of California with 29 percent fewer problems reported compared to other regions in the state.

The climate is what you would expect living on the west coast. The summers are warm and dry with an average temperature of around 68 degrees. The winters are wet, but still comfortable. There tends to be a lot of fog blowing in off the Bay in the mornings and at night.

Enjoy Top-Notch Education

Palo Alto is the home of Stanford University, so why not take a few classes while you’re there? As a nurse, you have a mandate for continuing education and with Stanford practically in your backyard, you certainly have the opportunity. Technically, Stanford University is in Stanford, California, which sits adjacent to Palo Alto.

Make sure to bring or rent a bike while you are there, because cycling is one of the most popular ways to travel in this city. Use it to take you back and forth to campus or to the local coffee shop for some study time.

Things to See in Palo Alto

This close to San Francisco, there are plenty of sights to enjoy during your stay. There is train service available to the Bay, San Jose and Gilroy. What about those days you feel like experiencing the local culture? All you need to do is grab a bike and explore the city.

  • Cantor Arts Center is a good place to start. Located on the Stanford campus, this art museum has been showing the Palo Alto residents the wonder of classic artists for over 100 years. It houses one of the largest Auguste Rodin sculpture exhibits in the world and has a diverse collection of Asian Art to enjoy. The museum is open six days a week and free to the public.

  • Spoil yourself with a trip to the Stanford Shopping Center, an upscale, open-air shopping mall near the medical center. Here you can explore luxury retailers, get breakfast at Tiffany’s or fill your sweet tooth with some Teuscher chocolates.

  • Head down to The Stanford Theatre if you love classic movies shown in a beautiful and historic landmark. The building is reminiscent of Hollywood’s Golden Age. They even still play organ music between shows.

  • You can get back in touch with nature during your down time by hiking the recreational area around the Stanford Dish. It is open to the public seven days a week from sunrise to sunset.

Whether an adventure in San Francisco is on your bucket list or you just want to see the Stanford University Campus, Palo Alto might be the place for your next travel nurse assignment. Check job openings today.

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