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Choose Excellence with Fastaff: Your Path to Enhanced Opportunities and Benefits

December 14, 2023

As a travel nurse, joining the Fastaff team is an invitation to a unique and rewarding professional journey, offering a dynamic environment where your skills are valued and your growth is prioritized. Read below to see how you can make the most of the exceptional benefits and opportunities available to you as a part of the Fastaff community, enriching your career and personal life. 


Exceptional Compensation and Financial Security 

  • Top-Tier Pay Rates: Enjoy competitive compensation that reflects your expertise and dedication with transparent and fair pay structures. 

  • Extensive Insurance Coverage: Benefit from comprehensive health, dental and vision insurance plans, ensuring your well-being is always a priority. 

  • Robust Retirement Planning: Secure your financial future with our effective retirement planning options, tailored to support you in the long term. 


Flexibility and Support 

  • Customized Assignment Lengths: Choose assignments that fit your personal and career aspirations, enjoying the freedom to shape your professional path. 

  • Comprehensive Relocation Support: Reduce the stress of moving with our travel and housing assistance, designed to make each transition smooth and hassle-free. 


Professional Growth and Personal Development 

  • Opportunities for Skill Expansion: Each placement is a chance to learn and grow, keeping you at the cutting edge of nursing practice. 

  • Personalized Recruiting Support: Experience a recruitment process marked by personal attention, honesty and transparency, making you the perfect fit for each assignment. 


Ingenovis ACT Program: Tools & Resources Just For You 

  • Enhanced Professional Development: As part of the Fastaff family, you also have access to the Ingenovis Health ACT program, a unique platform that fosters continuous learning and skill enhancement. 

  • Wellness and Community Support: This program includes wellness initiatives and community support services, furthering your experience as a travel nurse and contributing to a holistic approach to your career and well-being. 

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