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Best Socks for All-Day Wear

November 19, 2015

It is hard to stay on the go as a travel nurse without really good socks. The truth is, it is hard to do most things in life when your feet are uncomfortable, but travel nurses have the added challenge of navigating airports, mapping out new hospitals, and exploring cities, so feet are a top priority. Consider these socks that nurses can rely on all day long.

Cherokee Crew Socks

If you want comfort and fun in one brand, the Cherokee crew socks are just the thing. These socks are 80 percent combed cotton, 15 percent nylon and 5 percent spandex. That combination means they are both breathable and supportive at the same time. They come three to a pack and are available in solid colors or fun printed patterns.

Nurse Mates Anklets

Nurse Mates are known for compression stockings, but if you are looking for something more casual, try the anklet style instead. The design is lightweight, smart and comfortable. You can get them in themed styles, as well, like the bright pink breast cancer awareness look.

Fruit of the Loom Athletic Socks

If you want a little extra arch support without breaking the bank, then it is hard to go wrong with Fruit of the Loom. Made for athletes, these anklet style socks are reinforced on the bottom for extra protection. The design keeps them in place and prevents slipping, too. The cotton is treated to eliminate odors, so they will stay comfortable all day long.


H&M has daywear socks in multiple styles and colors at a price that is affordable for the nurse on the go. If you lose one of these socks in your travels, you won’t worry too much about it. These five pack fine-knit socks are mostly cotton for comfort and they come with a scalloped edge, so they stay up. They are available in a variety of solid colors, so you have ones that match your scrubs, your jeans and your sweat pants.


FootSmart products are another good choice if you need a little extra orthopedic support during the day, but they are a little more expensive. This brand offers socks with plantar fasciitis, arch and heel support. For a less expensive option, look at their walk support products or the crew socks. They have a little more padding on the sole for comfort.  


Like Fruit of the Loom, Hanes is one of those brand names you really can’t go wrong with and they are easy to find on the road. They offer socks that support the arch, the heel and the ankle, too. The arch support socks are moisture wicking and durable with just enough spandex to maintain their shape. The extra cushioning in the sole will help keep your feet happy after a day of traveling.  


Peds are socks you can get at the local pharmacy or box store in a pinch. They come in different styles and colors and are sturdy enough to last all day. The ankle length products provide arch support and compression using a combination of Coolmax and Lycra. These are not socks that will last forever, but they are inexpensive, comfortable and easy to find. When you are on the road, sometimes fast and easy is all that matters.

Most days, compression stockings are a nurse’s best friend. Sometimes, you want something a little more casual and less restrictive. You don’t have to give up comfort to get it, though. Whether you are working a short day, getting settled at your temporary home, or planning to see the local landmarks, all-day socks are staple items that every travel nurse needs.

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