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Blog & News/August 2023 Travelers Award Winner

August 2023 Travelers Award Winner

August 11, 2023


Genevieve Greenan


Emergency Department

Number of Assignments with Fastaff:


Number of Years with Fastaff:

1.5 years with Fastaff

Type of Award Won:

Daisy Nomination

Why do you love working with Fastaff?:

This is the first agency that located me at a facility that makes me feel like I am part of a family and that is why I kept signing extensions.

What was your experience around winning this award?:

Being nominated for the Daisy award made me so happy to be recognized. It was the best feeling to finally feel that someone really appreciated me to this extent.

What does winning this award mean to you?:

It means that it empowers me to treat everyone, even on my off days, even better. Everyone has a day at work where you are not feeling the best. After getting recognition like this it makes you want to impact every person you come across for the better.

How do you feel traveling with Fastaff prepared you for your award-winning assignment?:

I have to give the credit to my recruiters for helping me start these assignments and making sure that I have time in between assignments to reenergize.

How do you think having won this award will impact your Fastaff travel career?:

It will continue to keep me motivated to take the same care of patients that I always do. Will give me a greater focus because now I see that my hard work can bring success to Fastaff and that has made me proud.

How have you accomplished other personal and/or professional goals by traveling with Fastaff?:

I was able to get my mom home from the hospital after her horrible car accident. Thanks to Fastaff I was able to take the time off to get her home safely. She is doing fantastic now.

What is your greatest achievement as it relates to being a healthcare professional?:

I’m the nurse that never stops walking. I am always checking on my patients and other nurse’s patients as well.

What is a bit of advice you'd give to your fellow healthcare professionals?:

Remember that everything is better if we work as a team. It makes it so much easier to help each other and then reciprocate that help.

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