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August 2019 Nurse of the Month

August 30, 2019

Fastaff nurses are rewarded and recognized for the experience, skills, and dedication they bring to each travel nursing assignment. This nurse is someone who exemplifies the Fastaff values. Read below to learn more about the August Nurse of the Month, Rosemary Asabea:

Name: Rosemary Asabea

Specialty: Peri-Operative Services (OR)

Numbe****r of assignments: 11

Number of years with Fastaff: Six 

Why do you love working with Fastaff?

I love working with Fastaff because of their professionalism, high pay (financial stability), honesty, and respectfulness. I especially love my recruiter, Rhieannon Gomez.

What do you love about nursing?

I love taking care of patients and families. Serving the community with my experiences as a registered professional nurse is my number one goal. Although I work in the Operating Room during doing surgeries, I always try to get my patients the holistic care they need.

What makes travel nursing rewarding for you?

Travel nursing has widened my scope of knowledge in the field of nursing and medicine as well. I have been exposed to diverse groups of people, healthcare systems, patients and their families, and medical and surgical team members. Getting to know different places in America and learning technologies and equipment for surgery is rewarding for me.

What has been your most challenging Fastaff assignment (a difficult case, surgery, patient illness, etc.) and how did you feel that impacted your worth as a nurse afterwards?

The most challenging Fastaff assignment was when some of the supervisors at a specific facility assigned incredibly difficult cases or the most contagious cases to work on.

Describe the most miraculous or impressive thing you’ve witnessed or been a part of during your time as a nurse with Fastaff.

The most impressive thing I have witnessed is how I saved my patient’s life during surgery when I saw on the anesthesia monitor that the EKG lead was a straight line, meaning the patient’s heart had stopped functioning or the leads were off from the patient. Unfortunately, the anesthesiologist wasn’t paying attention to the monitor at the time. Truly, the patient was dying so quickly – I called in the surgical team to bring in the crash cart and start resuscitating the patient. By God’s grace we were able to save the patient’s life.

How have you accomplished some of your personal and professional goals by traveling with Fastaff (i.e. family life, financial freedom, more personal freedom, etc.)?

I have accomplished a lot as a Fastaff Travel Nurse. With the high-paying jobs they offer, I have been able to support my four children to go to college. I have a son who is an FBI, a daughter who is a doctor, another daughter who works in the United Nations, and the last one in college - all as a single parent. I am financially stable and have the freedom of managing my work schedule better than I when I used to be on staff - I will therefore seize this opportunity to thank Fastaff for working with me all these years. God bless each and every one of the employees at Fastaff, especially my recruiter, Rhieannon Gomez.

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