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Five Habits of Successful Travel Nurses

October 29, 2020

Travel nursing has become the hot ‘it’ job this year, attracting nurses from all over the country to the higher pay and a more flexible lifestyle. More and more, staff nurses are choosing to leave their routine environment for the exciting unknowns of travel nursing. New nursing graduates are patiently working toward the work history requirements that are needed to start travel nursing. (Similar to others, Fastaff requires two years’ experience in your specialty).

The competition is tough out there for these short term, high-paying assignments, and it always helps a traveler to be on the top of their recruiter’s “ready list.” Here are five habits of nurses who are always at the top of the recruiters’ speed dial when positions open in urgent and crucial situations.    

1. They are responsive.

Successful nurses who have great relationships with their recruiter know that communication is a two-way street. They keep their phone close by to answer calls, routinely check their voicemail for any missed calls, and promptly respond to texts or emails. In turn, they expect the same level of communication from their recruiter – and the recruiter should be their guide leading up to and during their assignment, knowing that mutual trust is the backbone of their relationship.

Often, the recruiter will need many documentation items from the nurse, therefore prompt responsiveness is of the utmost importance to land a Fastaff position that often fills extremely fast.

Think of it like this – when shopping around for insurance quotes, are you going to go with the insurance company that takes a week to return you call? Likely, no. You’re probably going to go with the agent who returns your call within the same day and is excited to help you. Expect that from your recruiter, and they will expect the same from you.  

2. They complete their profiles to signal readiness.

The Fastaff application process has three distinct parts. The first part of the Apply Now form simply asks for your email. The second part of the application asks for your basic contact information: specialty, years of experience, and state licenses. When you go on to complete the third and final part of the application, and digitally sign the attestation, this signals to a recruiter that you’re ready, and warrants the first communication from them.

This final part is called your Nurse Profile. This is the longest part of your application but includes the critical information a recruiter needs to know to call you first.  When you have this entire profile filled out (the orange progress circles will all be green), your chances of getting on the road faster increase exponentially.

3. They’re flexible and willing to learn.

Our highly-successful travel nurses, whether seasoned or brand new, are flexible and willing to consider new and different opportunities. When you’re flexible with your start date, for example, you open up more opportunities for yourself. This also gives the facility some peace of mind, knowing that you’ll likely be a nurse who’s easy to work with and can move with changes that may occur.

Trust that your recruiter has a wide-angle lens to all open positions and can offer helpful advice that makes you competitive when the perfect one opens.

4. They have multiple state licenses.

More licenses = more opportunities. When you hold multiple state licenses, your recruiter will be able to submit you to more assignments, increasing your success and allowing you to earn higher pay in different states. Fastaff has a generous licensing reimbursement program for multiple states, with more being added on every year. Make sure to view our licensing program today to get your license, on us.

5. Their time-off requests are minimal.

Nothing adds more complexity to your potential assignment than submitting long or multiple personal time-off requests. The most successful Fastaff nurses take their assignments because they are ready to hit the ground running for their new patients. Simply put, they are ready to work. Of course, our recruiters will make every effort to work with the facility to provide reasonable accommodations, but applying for assignments that do not overlap long with personal absences will always strengthen your chances of landing the job. 

Maintaining these habits of successful travel nurses and being travel-ready will ensure you’re one of the first nurses called to secure that great travel positions.  

When you apply with Fastaff, a complete profile will get you on the road faster. Want to be first in the call queue? Make sure your profile is complete.

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