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5 Benefits of Working a 48-Hour Week as a Travel Nurse

May 22, 2018

As a travel nurse, your life is full of change, but some things do remain constant; you will work your scheduled hours, you will receive a paycheck from Fastaff, and you will likely struggle with your suitcase’s zipper at some point.

With all of the changes you have to accommodate (hello, new hospital!), it’s nice to know that Fastaff can provide you with financial stability. As the highest paying travel nurse agency in the industry, Fastaff is dedicated to paying our nurses the hourly rate they deserve.

Fastaff’s high-paying assignments give you the opportunity to make more. Fastaff is one of the only agencies to also offer 48-hour workweeks. Below are five benefits to working a 48-hour workweek.

  1. Increase your gross pay. In addition to paying the industry’s highest hourly wage, Fastaff also offers 48-hour weeks, so you will be paid more for all overtime hours.  

  2. Increase your freedom. Working longer shifts may seem like you’re sacrificing your freedom, but when your assignment is over, you’ll have more money in your bank account to take that vacation, buy that house, or pay off those bills. Aside from all the fun things you can enjoy with your bigger paychecks, you can also cover the not-so-fun responsibilities, such as contributing larger amounts to your retirement plan or stashing more money away in savings.

  3. Earn more in less time. Working additional hours each week allows you to enjoy more than extra money; it allows you to enjoy extra family time when you complete your assignment and the freedom to choose when and where your time-off takes place. You will earn a higher income in less time, so you can achieve more downtime. You’ll achieve your personal and professional goals more quickly. Along with extra time for your personal life, being willing to work a 48-hour shift opens you up to more opportunities as there are more 48-hour shift assignments available through Fastaff.

  4. Remain a constant for your patients. In many cases, patients are in the hospital for extended periods of time. Working an extra day a week allows you to stay closer to your patients and their progress. It’s a source of reliability that benefits both you and those you are caring for.

  5. Help relieve your unit’s staffing struggles. The nursing shortage in this country is a real challenge for hospitals, and your presence in their units provides support and relief. The extra day you work makes a big impact on the staff nurse scheduling, which helps the entire team maintain quality patient care.

48-hour workweeks are not for the meek. It takes dedication, ambition, stamina and full focus to provide the highest quality patient care during the final hours of each shift. These are just some of the rewards that might lead you to choose this high-paying option.   

Do you enjoy working 48-hourweeks? What drives you to work the additional day? Comment below with your thoughts!

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