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3 Hairstyles That Stay Put for Your Whole Shift

July 10, 2014

A savvy travel nurse has two goals when it comes to hair styling. One, you want to master that chic yet professional look. Two, and probably the most important, you want hairstyles that stay put. Constantly adjusting your hair is a safety issue, because it increases the risk of cross contamination. Consider three hairstyles that will get the job done.

The Traditional Ponytail

It never really goes out of style. For centuries, men and women alike have used this one basic hair fashion to control their locks. For nurses, it represents the ideal style choice because, done correctly, it will stay in place for the entire shift. The key is to slick the hair back to create that no fuss look. It is one of the simplest and most practical choices a nurse can make for his or her hair.

  • Brush hair away from the face, pulling it towards the back of your head while you gather it into one hand. Use your free hand to slick it back and smooth out any bumps.

  • Pull the gathered hair through an elastic band. Use the band to lock hair into the ponytail tightly. If your hair is thick, double up. Use two bands to secure the tail throughout the shift.

  • Spray the tips of a fine-toothed comb with hairspray and smooth the front of your hair to tame any flyways.

Bun Updo

The bun is a variation of the ponytail, so it starts with the same steps. Once you have your hair  slicked back ponytail, you can take it one step further to create for one of the hairstyles that stay put.

  • Grab the ponytail with one hand and twist it. Twisting tightens the hair strands to create a rope like structure.

  • Wind the rope into a bun. About every inch or so, slip a hairpin into the bun. The pin should clip onto the hair that rests next to your scalp on one side and the hair in the ponytail on the other.

Milkmaid Braid

The milkmaid braid is a tight hairdo that looks clean and professional. Start by parting your hair down the center.

  • Massage a dab of mousse or gel into the roots of your hair to stiffen it.

  • Braid your hair into two braids, one on each side – what you might see a little girl where.

  • Pull one braid up and over the top of your head. Secure the tip with a hairpin.

  • Wrap the remaining braid over the top of your head, but tuck the end under the first braid then secure it with a pin.

You might need to pin the braids in one or two spots towards the middle of the head. You can finish off the style with a light hair spray to keep flyways in check.

For travel nurses, your look needs to convey confidence. That means choosing hairstyles that stay put. The right one will be sleek, so it doesn’t get in a patient’s face, secure enough that it won’t fall down and something easy to do while on the road.

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