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Blog & News/16 Myths about Travel Nursing

16 Myths about Travel Nursing

December 2, 2014

Even though travel nursing is an immensely rewarding career – both financially and emotionally - some nurses may shy away from choosing this path because of certain myths they may have heard. In reality, travel nursing offers exciting opportunities and rewarding avenues for growth.

Let us explain some of the myths about travel nursing we have heard:

1. Travel nurses don’t have a choice in the length of their assignment

While some nurses choose to travel more often than others, some assignments can be extended and others are contracted to last longer from the start. In addition, if you want to visit more destinations, Fastaff offers flexible-length assignments.

2. You can't travel with family

Many nurses travel with a spouse or children. Travel nurses are sometimes offered housing options that accommodate family members.

3. You can't travel with pets

Many housing options are also pet friendly. Just make it clear ahead of time you are bringing a pet.

4. Travel nurse companies choose your destinations

Travel nurses have complete control over where they go. Preferred locations are chosen from a list of openings.

5. All travel nurses are young

There is no age limit for a travel nurse, but Fastaff does require you to have at least 2 years of acute-care experience.

6. There is no stability in travel nursing

Nurses who consistently do an excellent job have no shortage of available assignments.

7. You miss holidays

Travel nurses do work on some holidays, but you can schedule around some holidays or invite family and friends to visit.

8. It's too hard for an older nurse to travel

Many travel nurses are advanced in their careers and their extensive experience is often a major asset.

9. Travel nurses never see their families

Family members can always visit a traveling nurse on assignment.

10. Travel nurses never get time off

The great thing about travel nursing is that you have control over how often you take assignments, and how many hours per week you work, depending on the assignment.

11. Travel nurses are not accepted by permanent staff

Most hospitals are short staffed and welcome any travel nurses with enthusiasm and gratitude.

12. Making friends as a travel nurse is too difficult

Anyone with a friendly personality and positive attitude can make friends in any city. And with new social networks, like MeetUp, you can find people who share your interests.

13. Travel nurses work around the clock

Shifts do not prevent having time to participate in normal activities outside of work. Like other hospitals, most shifts are 12 hours.

14. You never work close to home

Since you choose your assignment location, you can choose destinations close or far from home.

15. Multiple assignments look bad on a resume

Travel nursing strengthens a nurse’s resume. It shows you can adapt to working in many new places with new people.

16. Travel nurses regularly burn out

If you love being a nurse, you will never tire of helping patients receive the care they deserve.

See more travel nursing FAQs and learn about the ins and outs of this rewarding profession.

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