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14 Fun Facts About Travel Nursing

December 18, 2014

Think you know all there is to know about travel nursing? There is a fun side to this career path that may not have occurred to you yet. Below are 14 fun facts about being a travel nurse.

1. It Requires No Additional Education

There is no additional schooling or exams to take. You do need a current RN license in the state where you work, however.

2. Interstate Compact

Twenty four states are making the lives of travel nurses even easier by offering an interstate compact license. This one license allows you to work in all of the 24 states with a minimum amount of paperwork.

 3. Travel Nurses Make More Money

That is more money for fewer hours – all while meeting new people and seeing the country.

4. Travel Nurses Get Paid Bonuses

Not only do travel nurses make more per hour, they get bonuses, too.

5. Travel Nurses Don’t Live Out of a Suitcase

The average Fastaff travel assignment lasts between four to 13 weeks. The nurse may have the choice between housing provided by the host or pay for housing using a stipend.

6. Hotel Life Can be Fun

There are extended stay hotels that come with full kitchens and big beds! Select hotels even have amenities like swimming pools and fitness centers.

7. You Still Get Benefits as a Travel Nurse

This isn’t temp work. Travel nursing comes with a benefits package that includes medical, dental and vision plans. Fastaff even offers a great 401k plan.

8. You Have Time to Get Ready

Not all travel assignments require you to grab your bag and go. You can select jobs that give prior notice and a chance to get ready before you leave.

9. Have Pet, Will Travel

Being away from home doesn’t mean you leave your best friend behind. You have the option to secure housing that allows for pets.

10. Travel Nursing Means Flexibility

As a travel nurse, you pick the location, type of work, housing and shift – how many non-travel nurses can say that?

11. You Will Fall in Love

It’s true; there will be one city that will capture your heart. It may even be the city you decide to call home one day. 

12. You Will Make New Friends

As a travel nurse, you are going to meet people from all over. Making friends is a true benefit of this career choice.

13. You Will Help People

Travel nurses help people in areas that are short of nursing professionals. Being a travel nurse is not just about having an adventure; it is about helping others when no one else can.

14. But, It Will be an Adventure

Maybe that is obvious, but still worth saying. As a travel nurse you are going to sightsee, meet new people and have an adventure that you will never forget.

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