Our Final Day of Honoring Healthcare Heroes: Rana Z., Mishell A., & Samuel O.

May 12, 2020

Rana Z.

Recognized by multiple people

Kal O. says, “She is a wonderful person.”
Eve says, “Because she is awesome and beautiful.”
Sammie says she is an “Excellent nurse with great skills and knowledge of her profession.”
Sam says, “She went to see a patient for his birthday on her day off. Brought him a cake, teddy bear and a balloon since he had no family to celebrate with. I think that is very thoughtful and considerate.”
Eddie M. says, “She is an excellent nurse, she was very understanding to our needs and she went out of her way to explain things to us.”


Mishell A. 

Recognized by Andres G.


Samuel O. 

Recognized by Pius U.