Fastaff ICU nurse, Lydia M., recounts her experience treating COVID patients to Detroit’s NPR station

March 16, 2021

Detriot’s NPR show, CultureShift, recently interviewed, Lydia M., a skilled Fastaff travel nurse. With the episode dedicated to a reflection on a year into covid, they were interested in Lydia’s experiences treating patients and what can be learned from a nurse’s perspective going forward.

She began her journey treating COVID while on a Fastaff assignment in Michigan. Lydia joined Fastaff, “because they can get me in into contracts and assignments the quickest, so I can immediately start helping people”.

In the episode, she explains things she learned, both professionally and personally during the COVID pandemic, including the strain on nurse patient ratios and other hardships while on the job. They finish the segment with actions to take moving forward, including continuing to wear and mask and getting the COVID vaccine when available.


To listen to the episode:

On the Cultureshift webpage, find the episode from Friday, March12, 2021. Lydia’s segment begins 7 minutes in.