Travel Nurse Testimonials

We work hard to provide our nurse travelers rewarding opportunities to work with the top hospitals while earning the money they need to live the lifestyle they want. Our travel nurses agree! See what they had to say about Fastaff.

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  • I've never traveled with any other company. Why should I? From the moment I signed on with Fastaff, I was treated like a VIP. I was paid top dollar from the very first assignment and had the best housing ever – a very nice, fully furnished apartment at no charge, and there was a beautiful lake, a pool, and a Jacuzzi right outside my back door. Transportation was provided to my assignments, and I was housed within walking distance of my hospital.

    Every time I called the Denver office, I was met with a friendly voice who took the time to ask how I was and even chatted for a few minutes. My recruiter has been the best. Every time I call him with a concern or looking for a new assignment, he makes it happen for me.

    The benefits are awesome. The 401K is the best I've found as well as the insurance. Every year I've worked with Fastaff, I've grossed over $100,000! What more could I ask for?

    I love this company. It's truly like family to me. Everyone at Fastaff has aided in making the boring life of a simple Kentucky girl a dream come true.

    Holly - Fastaff Travel RN - Tele
  • I read an ad in a local paper that said, “Nurses Earn $5,000/Week.” In my staff nursing position, I was at poverty level wages compared to what I had made in my previous business career. I was ready to get out of nursing. I felt I had much more responsibility for so much less money. With this on my mind, I called the number on the ad and within the week was on my way to my first assignment with Fastaff.

    I will never go back to being a staff nurse because being a traveler has more freedom and benefits. Traveling also pays more! I have paid off a mortgage and made some home improvements. I’ve paid cash for cars and taken many family vacations. I was able to assist both of my daughters financially while they were in college. But best of all, I’ve had time off to enjoy my family.

    And one more thing - I have made over $100,000 every year I have worked for Fastaff, so I believe I have grossed around a million dollars in my time with them!

    Donald - Fastaff Travel RN - Med/Surg
  • Now that our children are in college, travel nursing is the perfect way for my husband and I to meet our financial goals and see the country. Over the past two years, we have been to over half of our top-ten cities to visit.

    I started out with several companies, but it didn't take long to see that Fastaff afforded me the best opportunities for pay and flexibility. I usually like to work an eight-week assignment, after which I take two weeks off. This was a problem with other companies, but no problem for Fastaff.

    My brothers and sisters all look forward to the stories about my travels. Through me they have seen and heard of places they may never get the chance to visit. Several family members have come to visit while I was on assignment. While traveling, I’ve made lifelong friends out of co-workers and patients. I love my work with Fastaff and can see myself doing this for a long time.

    Doris - Fastaff Travel RN - L&D
  • I travel with Fastaff, first of all because of my wonderful recruiter. She made me feel needed and appreciated from my first call. I was looking for shorter contracts, a way to acquire extra money in a short period of time, and to lighten my packing load. Fastaff was the answer.

    Having a choice on the when and where of assignments has made working around my husband's schedule nicer. It allows us more time together, both at home and out of town.

    I am so excited about this company that I referred five nurses to Fastaff this year, one of them being my twin sister. I look forward to many more travel assignments.

    Joan - Fastaff Travel RN - L&D