Travel Nurse Testimonials

We work hard to provide our nurse travelers rewarding opportunities to work with the top hospitals while earning the money they need to live the lifestyle they want. Our travel nurses agree! See what they had to say about Fastaff.

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  • Financially, Fastaff is the best company to work for (I’ve researched more than 10 companies!). I have never had an issue with my paycheck, my assignment, or my contracts. Fastaff is a straightforward company; what you see is what you get.

    Mallory - Fastaff Travel RN - Med/Surg
  • Fastaff is a company that I strongly recommend. In my opinion, especially as a business that needs to make money, they are truly there for us, the practitioners, not just with words, but in action. Thank you, Fastaff!

    Jan - Fastaff Travel RN - OR
  • [Fastaff] is very reliable and have exceeded my expectations. Special thanks to Teresa, who took me on like a sister. Even when I nearly got hit by a car in the Walmart parking lot, while walking to my car, she stayed on the phone and promptly submitted me to my assignment. Bryn stayed after hours to make sure I got my file tests done in time. [Fastaff is a] great group of hard workers.

    Deborah - Fastaff Travel ICU RN
  • I work for Fastaff because I can achieve my goals financially while making my own schedule and ensuring that my family is top priority. I like the variety of assignments, and my recruiter has been very helpful in placing me. My farm will be remodeled and paid off in only three years, and I’ll be able to retire early and enjoy life at home. Then I can work because I want to and not because I have to.

    Katherine - Fastaff Travel RN - ER, ICU, Peds ER
  • I began traveling with Fastaff because I wanted a flexible, higher-paying job. I was in debt and seeking a way out. After only six months of traveling with this company, I was debt-free and had money in the bank. Things became so good that my husband was able to quit his job, take online college courses, and now travels with me! Fastaff has competitive wages and allows me to choose when and where I want to work.

    I remain loyal to Fastaff for many reasons. For one, I have an outstanding recruiter who works with and for me. Two, I greatly appreciate the competitive wages and the flexibility in the length of offered assignments. Also, I take advantage of many of the licensing programs, which allows me to expand my traveling options at a minimal cost to me. I am now licensed to actively practice as a Registered Nurse in ten states across the U.S.! Thank you Fastaff, for giving me a job I enjoy, which has allowed me to live a better life. 

    Christina - Fastaff Travel RN - IMC, ER, Peds ER
  • I’m from Canada, but I wanted to obtain my U.S. citizenship, see the country, and feed the kid in me. After 2 years, I’m debt free, I bought a home, and can now jump off to just about anywhere with the many friends I’ve made. I love being a nurse but was finding myself burned out. Travel nursing with Fastaff has reinvigorated my passion for nursing. I work hard - but I play hard, too!

    Kathy - Fastaff Travel RN - L&D
  • A friend of mine told me about travel nursing and Fastaff. I submitted my file and got started right away. I love the financial stability that Fastaff affords me. I go where I want to go and I work whenever I want to work.

    Fastaff provides me excellent benefits, including medical, dental, vision, and 401(k).I have enjoyed learning new skills and being educated on new developments in my specialty (Labor & Delivery).

    I have been able to provide financial help to my family here and back home, thanks to my work with Fastaff.

    I have also made many friends while travel nursing and have been able to vacation to new places with friends I've met on assignment. This company has been good to me, and my recruiter is wonderful.

    Mary - Fastaff Travel RN - L&D
  • I originally chose Fastaff because my husband was in nursing school and I needed to make great money to pay his tuition and give him the freedom of not working while studying. Now he has graduated and is working to get a year of hospital experience so we can travel with Fastaff together. Fastaff has been great to me.

    Shelly - Fastaff Travel RN - PICU, PACU, Home Health, PCU/Tele, Special Procedures
  • I’ve enjoyed all my travel experiences with Fastaff and have met many great nurses from all over the country. Fastaff goes above and beyond for all of their employees, and I intend to continue working for them for a long time. I have never enjoyed my nursing career so much since I became a part of the Fastaff team. I’m looking forward to many more trips with this outstanding and professional company.

    Thomas - Fastaff Travel RN - ER
  • I recently took my first RN traveling assignment. I was a little scared at first because this was my first time working while away from home.

    Fastaff made the transition worry-free. My recruiter, Mayra, is the best. I arrived at my destination safely. They provided me with a beautiful furnished apartment.

    I signed up to work an 8-week assignment, but stayed at the facility for one year.

    The pay is great too. This year I made over $115,000. I was able to take off work whenever I wanted to without any hassle.

    As a traveler you get to see different places and you can travel the world. I know I made the right choice.

    Sharon - Fastaff Travel RN - Med/Surg ICU