Travel Nurse Testimonials

We work hard to provide our nurse travelers rewarding opportunities to work with the top hospitals while earning the money they need to live the lifestyle they want. Our travel nurses agree! See what they had to say about Fastaff.

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  • Besides having some of the highest pay rates in the travel nursing world, Fastaff's ability to get me to my assignment and to find me comfortable places to stay when I am on an assignment are two things that keep me signing up over and over again. Good health insurance from day one of an assignment and a matching 401k also assure me that this is a company I can partner with for a long time.

    Patrice - Fastaff Travel PICU RN
  • The response time from when I find an assignment that matches my needs to actually signing an agreement is quick and efficient.

    James - Fastaff Travel SDU/Tele RN
  • I love the straight forward approach of Fastaff. Trust is essential in this particular profession.

    Melissa - Fastaff Travel CCU RN
  • Fastaff has been the BEST company I have worked for. The employees, including managers, recruiters, compliance officers and payroll have all been very professional, organized and knowledgeable.

    Katrina - Fastaff Travel ICU/CCU RN
  • I have gotten to go places I would never be able to go had I not made the decision to become a travel nurse. This entire experience has been a dream I have been able to fulfill, and I want to thank Fastaff for giving me this chance of a lifetime.

    Audra - Fastaff Travel ICU RN
  • I was wary of traveling because of the rumors about difficult assignments and travel nurses getting the worst patients. I have had nothing but a great work experience so far. So much so that I have renewed my contract multiple times.

    Virginia - Fastaff Travel ER RN
  • Fastaff allows me to handle my career — other companies seem to think travelers are not capable of this. The thing I love most about Fastaff is that they manage housing — a big advantage for someone going to an unknown area.

    Jill - Fastaff Travel ER RN
  • Becoming a travel nurse has been the best decision I have made in this journey we call life! I have the freedom to home-school my children and have more time off to see amazing places. I have also formed a bond with my family stronger than I ever thought possible.

    Julie - Fastaff Travel OR RN
  • Fastaff made my transition from staff nurse to travel nurse remarkably smooth — from helping me gather all the initial paperwork, to helping me secure days off during my third contract and a multitude of things in between. It's intimidating to start somewhere new away from family and friends, but I can honestly say that Fastaff has been my "go-to" for any needs or questions I may have.

    Kyle - Fastaff Travel ICU RN
  • The honest, prompt and straight-forward communication that Fastaff provides makes the world of travel nursing much easier and less stressful. In the process that comes with deciding on my next travel location and discussing options with Fastaff and others, I've always been happy with my decision to continue working with Fastaff!

    Kara - Fastaff Travel ER RN