Travel Nurse Testimonials

We work hard to provide our nurse travelers rewarding opportunities to work with the top hospitals while earning the money they need to live the lifestyle they want. Our travel nurses agree! See what they had to say about Fastaff.

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  • While working with Fastaff, I have had tremendous support from all of the departments that deal with the nurses. I know, without a doubt, that if there is a problem I am having, or a question that needs answered, I can count on each and every one of the folks at the home office to get things done. The opportunity to travel, doing what I love most, is awesome. I cannot thank Fastaff enough. My recruiter, Amy White, is a superstar. She is an incredible recruiter who has grown into my close friend during this time. I am so honored and proud to be selected as the nurse of the month. 

    Mark C. - Fastaff Travel M/S Tele Nurse
  • I appreciate the support of my recruiter. Any time there have been issues at the facility, he has always answered my questions promptly.

    Amanda J. - Fastaff Travel OR/Interim Director Nurse
  • I have been an RN since 1991 in various capacities of nursing. My desire was to do my first assignment in New York so I can spend the holidays with my family. While on assignment in New York, I was diagnosed with a benign brain tumor. God always places you in the right place at the right time. I was surrounded by tons of family and friends who were all here to support me. Traveling with Fastaff made this all possible. I would like to continue my journey with Fastaff throughout the rest of my nursing career. Looking forward to some wonderful adventures.

    Sandra Y. - Fastaff Travel Med/Surg/Oncology RN
  • Initially I chose Fastaff as my travel company because the salary was so amazing, but I also have a super recruiter, Tony Bentley. He is just the bomb! He is always checking in to see how my assignment is going and if I need anything. He talks college football with me and I get on him when his Denver Broncos are not winning. Thank you Fastaff for allowing me to achieve a lot of financial goals for my family and to see this awesome country.

    Maurena M. - Fastaff Travel PCU RN
  • They treat me well and they are honest. I have the best recruiter whom I can reach at any time, day or night, even on holidays and weekends. 

    Shelley A. - Fastaff Travel Labor and Delivery RN
  • I am very glad that I chose Fastaff as my first travel company because the transition from staff nurse to travel nurse was very smooth, more than enough information was provided, housing was taken care of, and pay is great!

    Elena K. - Fastaff Travel Medical Surgical/Oncology RN
  • I have had the pleasure to work with Fastaff Travel Nursing the last four years. The assignments have allowed me to grow professionally and personally on many levels.

    Valerie M - Fastaff Travel PICU RN
  • I have traveled with Fastaff for eight years. A few times I have ventured out with other companies only to realize why Fastaff is so special.

    Kathi - Fastaff Travel PICU RN
  • Fastaff has amazing benefits for a mom that has her children as her first priority. I have made great money, been to wonderful places and made so many lifelong friendships along the way.

    Melba - Fastaff Travel L&D RN
  • Fastaff was the second agency that I used as a travel nurse; since using them, I haven't used another. Fastaff provides me with an opportunity to see the country, gain experience in a variety of settings and they ensure I am well compensated for my time and hard work.

    Deborah - Fastaff Travel OR RN