Travel Nurse Testimonials

We work hard to provide our nurse travelers rewarding opportunities to work with the top hospitals while earning the money they need to live the lifestyle they want. Our travel nurses agree! See what they had to say about Fastaff.

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  • I must say I truly have enjoyed being an employee with Fastaff. One of the main reasons is because of my awesome recruiters. Initially, Chris Lewis was my recruiter and my current recruiter is Jasmine Russell. They have always been there for me; whether it’s looking for my next assignment, helping me obtain a nursing license, or listening to me vent about my bad day. They have made my experience even more enjoyable. Another reason I love working with Fastaff is because of the high paying jobs and guaranteed hours. I’ve always had the best pay for my specialty, they always tell me about bonuses, and my paychecks have always been right and on time. I couldn’t have asked for a better team of people to work with.

    Jeanette L. - Fastaff Travel Telemetry Nurse
  • I love working with Fastaff because I'm treated with respect and my recruitment team (Alisha Trujillo and John Cordova) make me feel like I’m part of a family. I also know that Fastaff will place me on assignment within a few days and I'm consistently working for Magnet status hospitals. I have been given opportunities to excel and build my nursing skills because of the Fastaff travel assignments I have worked.

    Jane M. - Fastaff Travel Oncology/Telemetry Nurse
  • I enjoy working for Fastaff for the interesting and diverse experiences it has afforded in me in my nursing career. During my current assignment, I have been able to work on my personal goal of paying off my student loans completely and beginning to save for a Master’s program in the coming years.

    Christine R. - Fastaff Cardiac Cath Lab RN
  • I have been working with Fastaff for almost a year. Becoming a travel nurse has been the best decision I have made in this journey we call life! I have the freedom to home-school my children and have more time off to see amazing places. I have also formed a bond with my family stronger than I ever thought possible. I have met amazing people along the way and continue to learn and see new things every day! I have always wanted to be a nurse; I love the feeling I get from helping others, and now with Fastaff and the support of my wonderful recruiter, I have been given opportunities to help make my dreams come true.

    Julie S. - Fastaff Travel Operating Room Nurse
  • Working with Fastaff has allowed me to chase my dreams of traveling the country. My recruiter truly understands my priorities and is always on my team.

    Sherri B. - Fastaff Travel ICU Nurse
  • I have had many positive experiences with Fastaff over the last year. All of my BEST experiences have involved my recruiter, Chris Lewis. He was there for me when I accidentally got deleted from the hospital's system; he immediately stepped up for me and made sure that I was paid and still employed. He kept up with me throughout each contract, even calling to congratulate me on having my first baby boy. Overall, my experience has been a blessing for me and my family, and it wouldn't have been possible without my amazing recruiter! 

    Jacob C. - Fastaff Travel CVICU-CCRN
  • My current assignment is my first ever travel assignment, and I have already extended three times. Fastaff made my transition from staff nurse to travel nurse remarkably smooth — from helping me gather all the initial paperwork, to helping me secure days off during my third contract and a multitude of things in between. It's intimidating to start somewhere new away from family and friends, but I can honestly say that Fastaff has been my "go-to" for any needs or questions I may have. Fastaff is an extremely friendly company and I would be remiss if I didn't recognize the two ladies, Allie and Brittany, who have been with me since day one of this new chapter. They've been very supportive and overall wonderful!

    Kyle G. - Fastaff Travel ICU Nurse
  • Since I have started with Fastaff, I've appreciated the relationship that has been built between myself, my recruiter and the team at Fastaff. It's refreshing to know that I'm working with a company I can trust and that I know is looking out for my best interest. Recently, in my transition from my latest assignment in Pikeville, Kentucky to my newest assignment in Charleston, West Virginia, there was a short delay in my initial start date. Through the hard work and communication of my recruiter and Fastaff, I was able to extend at Pikeville for a short time. It was very much appreciated. The honest, prompt and straight-forward communication that Fastaff provides makes the world of travel nursing much easier and less stressful. In the process that comes with deciding on my next travel location and discussing options with Fastaff and others, I've always been happy with my decision to continue working with Fastaff!

    Kara M. - Fastaff Travel ER Nurse
  • Fastaff is a straightforward company; what you see is what you get. My incredible recruiter, Martin, has always been one phone call away and helped me to achieve my travel goals. Financially, Fastaff is the best company to work for (I’ve researched more than 10 companies!). I have never had an issue with my paycheck, my assignment, or my contracts.

    Fastaff is amazing!

    Mallory A. - Fastaff Travel Med/Surg Nurse
  • My recruiter is the best. She understood what an awful experience I had with another company for my first travel assignment. She listened to me, remembered what I had said, was not pushy and always supportive, was an excellent communicator and checked in with me every single week of every assignment. She is proactive and if I questioned anything, she always checked on it, took corrective action right away and then followed up to make sure I was satisfied. Also, the payroll department is professional and proactively communicate with me, which is so important. Fastaff is a company that I strongly recommend. In my opinion, especially as a business that needs to make money, they are truly there for us, the practitioners, not just with words, but in action. Thank you, Fastaff!

    Janice C. - Fastaff Travel Operating Room Nurse