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Thank you for your interest in our #FastaffNurseFamily giveaway. Unfortunately, our contest ended on May 13, 2016.

Thank you to those who submitted nominations for our #FastaffNurseFamily giveaway. Your thoughtful nominations inspired us to laughter and tears, and truly captured what it means to be part of a nurse family. From our #FastaffNurseFamily to yours, thank you for all you do.

Congratulations to Callie Callaway from Virginia, winner of the #FastaffNurseFamily giveaway. She and her nominee, Aimee Belt, will each receive a $500 Southwest Airlines gift card.

Here is Callie’s nomination:

“Aimee was born to be a nurse. She is compassionate, patient, and thorough with her patients at work; additionally, she and I are friends outside of our professional lives, and she is constantly providing the emotional support and encouragement that (in my biased opinion) only can come from the heart of a nurse. We both love to travel in order to pursue our mutual passion of rock climbing, and a girl's trip together would be an unforgettable experience.

“One time, while out climbing, we heard screeching tires and a heinous crashing sound from the road. Aimee and I were climbing routes that were side by side, and our partners immediately lowered us down and took off running towards the road to see what had happened. We heard from the distance, "Help! We need our nurses!" Aimee and I moved as fast as we could to put our tennis shoes on and we both sprinted the five minute hike from the cliff line to the road, where we saw a flipped car and a teenage boy laying on the ground. We immediately took action, and although the boy did not appear to be seriously hurt, we used our skills to assess for immediate injuries and simultaneously comfort him (he was most upset not over his minor injuries, but wrecking his mother's car).

“Aimee is truly one of a kind, and I think she deserves to be recognized for her outstanding character, both as a nurse and as a human being.”


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