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  • by Eve Ami on March 03, 2016

    Anyone who travels for work has to be thoughtful about recurring expenses, and finding ways to save money on food will help keep your budget on track. Done right, you might even find yourself with extra cash to try a new restaurant or experience a local favorite.

  • by Eve Ami on March 01, 2016

    Although the average age of US nurses was 50 (as of 2013), you’re typically sharing a unit floor with representatives from several different age brackets.

  • by Eve Ami on February 25, 2016

    As a nurse, there are a number of professional organizations you can join to enhance your career. These organizations provide you with a host of benefits, from educational opportunities to financial incentives. Below is information about the most popular associations nurses may decide to join. 

  • by Eve Ami on February 23, 2016

    What do you eat in the middle of your shift when you need a little pick-me-up? The food you put in your body can either give you a boost or leave you with your feet dragging.

  • by Eve Ami on February 18, 2016

    As a nurse, you spend hours on your feet every day. As a result, you may experience aching, swelling and a host of other problems. To counteract the stress you put on your feet, you need to care for them on a daily basis. Below are five tips to help you keep your feet healthy and pain-free. 

  • by Eve Ami on February 16, 2016

    Everyone gets the dreaded under eye circles now and then, and travel nurses are no exception.

  • by Eve Ami on February 11, 2016

    With Valentine’s Day on the horizon, chocolate treats start to populate our minds more frequently. And while eating tons of sweets isn’t considered healthy, modern healthcare professionals understand that chocolate is no longer the root of all evil and can be enjoyed on occasion. Here are our top chocolate picks for those day that you want to...

  • by Eve Ami on February 09, 2016

    According to the United States Census Bureau, healthcare is one of the fastest-growing industries in the country, but unfortunately, men still make up only a small percentage of nurses working