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  • on January 14, 2022

    As the industry leader in rapid response healthcare staffing and crisis management experts for over 30 years, Fastaff representatives have been called upon by many high-profile media outlets to provide comment on the COVID-19 crisis.

  • on April 07, 2021

    Kathy Kohnke, Fastaff Senior Vice President of Client Services, was recently published in the ColoradoBiz Magazine.

  • on March 16, 2021

    Detriot’s NPR show, CultureShift, recently interviewed, Lydia M., a skilled Fastaff travel nurse. With the episode dedicated to a reflection on a year into covid, they were interested in Lydia’s experiences treating patients and what can be learned from a nurse’s perspective going forward.

  • on March 12, 2021

    Fastaff CEO, Adam Zoia, spoke with Denver Business Journal about its recent acquisition.

  • on March 12, 2021

    U.S. veteran and travel nurse, Grover S., discusses the emotional toll COVID-19 has taken on healthcare professionals as we hit the one year anniversary of the pandemic in the United States. In the interview with Joy Reid, they discuss the caring and dedication needed to tend to patients during the pandemic.

  • on December 16, 2020

    Fastaff Senior Vice President of Client Services, Kathy Kohnke, describes the large increase in requests throughout the coronavirus pandemic. In year-over-year analysis, some states have seen over a 1,000% increase in travel staffing needs compared to 2019.

  • on December 07, 2020

    Fastaff nurse, Grover S., was interviewed on CNN Newsroom with Robyn Curnow to understand his experience caring for ICU patients during the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • on November 16, 2020

    Fastaff ICU nurse Lydia joined CBS News to describe her experience as a travel nurse currently treating COVID-positive patients in Michigan.


  • We are privileged to work alongside such strong, courageous and caring healthcare professionals throughout the year. These nurses are just a small sampling of the inspiring RNs who made an impact this year in hospitals throughout the United States.

    January 2021 Nurse of the Month

  • The COVID-19 pandemic has had a major impact on mental health worldwide, but no one has been hit harder than front line healthcare workers. As a result of the heightened stress healthcare professionals have endured for almost two years, they are at a higher risk for mental health issues like anxiety, depression, and post-traumatic stress.

  • Fastaff nurses are rewarded and recognized for the experience, skills, and dedication they bring to each travel nursing assignment.

  • As you get ready to embark on your next travel nursing assignment, how you’re getting to the assignment is one of the first plans to arrange. Flying can be stressful enough, but add in a global pandemic and its variants and you’ve got a recipe for a potential headache that even the best medicine can’t remedy.

  • Throughout 2020 and into 2021, we’ve been fortunate to have Fastaff travel nurses share their experiences with us and in the news.

  • This Veterans Day, we offer our gratitude to the brave and selfless heroes who inspire us with their sacrifices. Like our healthcare heroes, these honorable men and women put sacrifice in front of comfort and bravery in place of fear and for that, we thank you.

  • Fastaff nurses are rewarded and recognized for the experience, skills, and dedication they bring to each travel nursing assignment.