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Travel Nursing Destination Spotlight: Houston, Texas

Travel Nursing Destination Spotlight: Houston, Texas 
Despite the famous “Houston, we have a problem” quote, travel nurses won’t have many problems finding things to do in the fourth-most populous city in the United States. Also known as the Space City, Houston boasts an abundance of activities ranging from the largest mall in Texas to more traditional Lone Star State happenings such as rodeos and chili cook-offs.

March 21, 2013

Before Choosing A Travel Nurse Career

The new FastPass Profile reduces paperwork hassle 
At Fastaff, we always strive to make the process easier and more transparent. Our newest initiative, called FastPass Profile, gives nurses the ability to easily prepare, upload and manage documents required for travel nursing assignments once they have completed their online application.

March 11, 2013

Before Choosing A Travel Nurse Career

February '13 Newsletter Highlights- Share the Love and Earn More! 
Fastaff is celebrating Valentine's Day all month long!  Fastaff is increasing our referral bonuses because we love our nurses.  Refer a friend to Fastaff in February and earn $1,000, $2,000, and even $3,000! Fastaff News and Updates: Dental Insurance Update: Just a reminder that for 2013 the employee dental benefits are now through Met Life.

February 5, 2013

Before Choosing A Travel Nurse Career

Traits it takes to be a travel nurse 
Nursing is a profession which is respected and admired universally, but the life of a staff nurse can be quite stressful and overwhelming.  Many experienced staff nurses are making the change to travel nursing because they see how they can cut the stress without cutting the pay.

January 18, 2013

Before Choosing A Travel Nurse Career

January '13 Newsletter Highlights- Important Benefit and Tax Planning News 
Make sure to check out the latest news regarding benefits, electronic document upload and updating your contact information.  If you have any questions about current travel opportunities please give us a call at 1-800-736-8773.

January 2, 2013

Before Choosing A Travel Nurse Career

A Travel Nurse: The Best Nursing Position Out There 
Choosing the career of a travel nurse is becoming a popular decision for nursing students and graduates for many reasons. This type of nursing position always has new experiences to offer to nurses, and that aspect tends to draw a lot of people in the nursing field who like excitement in their career, into this type of nursing position.

November 29, 2012

Before Choosing A Travel Nurse Career

Isaac Hits - Fastaff Responds in Just Hours 
While Hurricane Isaac was bearing down on Louisiana, hospitals in the region were in growing need of immediate staffing assistance. With lock down only 24 hours away, they needed urgent clinical on-site help as fast as possible. Fastaff received a call for Labor and Delivery nurses needed immediately, and within 11 hours of that call Fastaff had the first nurse on the ground.

September 7, 2012

Before Choosing A Travel Nurse Career

EMR Conversion Staffing: Take It in Stride 
Birthing a New EMR Launching an Electronic Medical Record (EMR) software project is an exhilarating and daunting task.  Months, and in some cases years, are invested in interviewing software companies and reviewing products to identify the most suitable offering to streamline and enhance the process of maintaining and presenting patient medical records.

August 22, 2012