Washington State FAQ

Fastaff is currently recruiting for Washington State assignments in hospitals that are treating patients with COVID-19 Coronavirus. Due to the sensitive nature of this assignment, there are unique parameters and guidelines surrounding these assignments. Contact a recruiter today for more information.


What if I don’t have my Washington State license?

Not to worry – we’ve got you covered. Fastaff will reimburse your fees associated with obtaining a new or renewed Washington state license up to $250 when you apply for a Washington license before September 30th, 2020.

What is the hospital like?

The environment in Washington State hospitals are frequently busy and often challenging. These facilities need travelers who are ready to work hard to earn their worth. Working assignments such as these provide the benefit of career advancement and increased knowledge and experience to take into your next travel assignments.

Does Fastaff provide housing?

Many of our nurses prefer to secure their own housing. If you find your own housing, you will receive a housing stipend that is directly deposited into your weekly paycheck. If you choose to take our provided housing, we will make every effort to secure you in a comfortable hotel close to your assignment.

How do I get to work?

There is onsite parking available at the facilities in Washington State, which will cost around $12/day. There are also public transit options available as well.

How will this benefit my career?

Washington State assignments are highly sought-after, as the facilities provide an excellent environment to facilitate learning and growth with their level 1 trauma center and teaching facility.

What kind of nurse are they looking for?

Facilities in Washington State are looking for nurses who are adaptable, flexible, and ready to hit the ground running. Assignments in this state go fast, so the competition is very strong. If this is a destination that’s been on your list, it’s time to jump on it and apply right when there are openings.

Can friends and family come visit?

Inviting friends and family is a great way to fight feeling homesick on a travel assignment, but Fastaff will not cover the cost of their travel or housing. If you have Fastaff housing, you might want to find out if you have ample sleeping space before inviting a plus-one, or ask the hotel if you can request a cot and pay a fee. 

What are the fun things to do while on assignment?

Weather in the Pacific North West is notoriously gloomy and rainy – so make sure to pack your rain jacket. The clouds do part though, and give way to sunny days that you can spend exploring the historic areas of the city, or weaving through the many hiking trails.