Case Studies

With more than 25 years of experience delivering experienced nurses to 900+ healthcare facilities nationwide, we are proud to share stories of our client’s success. As the pioneer and industry leader in Rapid Response® travel nurse staffing solutions, Fastaff promises guaranteed delivery of experienced nurses, ready to hit the ground running, often in 10 days or less.

Below are just a few of the many positive results our clients have experienced from our staffing solutions:

Rapid Response®

Experienced ICU Nurses Delivered to Hawaii on Two Days’ Notice

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  • Hospital had urgent need for ICU nurses
  • Fastaff presented first candidate same day and second within 24 hours
  • Both ICU nurses arrived within 48 hours of initial request
  • Fastaff’s dedicated account management team guaranteed delivery of nurses and exceeded facility’s expectation

Guaranteed Delivery

Experienced Nurses Delivered Seamlessly to Small Rural Hospital

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  • Rural hospital had urgent need for experienced PCU nurses
  • Fastaff delivered experienced nurses, with the first arriving in less than 10 days
  • Established “one-call” relationship with hospital for fulfillment of additional nurse orders

Hard-to-Fill Specialties

Hospital’s Littlest Patients are in Excellent Hands with Fastaff Nurses

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  • Fastaff delivered 150 nurses who worked extended shifts to eliminate core staff overtime charges
  • Fastaff managed the interviewing and selection process, saving hospital administration time and paperwork
  • Fastaff nurses were praised for world-class care and service by facility

EMR Conversions

Successful EMR Conversion of ‘Epic’ Proportions

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  • University of California at San Francisco Medical Center (UCSF) needed one dedicated partner to provide multi-specialty nursing coverage during Epic training and implementation
  • UCSF trusted Fastaff to deliver 350 highly specialized nurses
  • Fastaff managed all logistical aspects, including interviewing, hiring, credentialing, travel and housing
  • Fastaff provided on-site management for guaranteed success

Guaranteed Delivery for EMR Conversion

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  • Scheduled five month EMR software upgrade created severe staffing dilemmas
  • Fastaff guaranteed delivery of 90 nurses to provide continuous care during the holiday season and the busy Pro Bowl weekend
  • Fastaff managed client’s budget by strategically scheduling travel to avoid additional costs
  • Applying 48-hour workweeks provided optimal nurse utilization to control overtime costs