• Working as a travel nurse often means surviving late nights, long days, and spending the holidays away from your family and friends while caring for others. Fortunately, you don’t have to dread the holidays if your schedule separates you from loved ones.

    Follow the tips below to truly enjoy the holidays even if you’re not...

  • The holiday season provides a welcome time for reflection and a chance to say something that’s on our minds daily here at Fastaff. We’re continually in awe of the intelligence, dedication, compassion and creativity shown by the nurses we’re lucky enough to represent.

  • The holiday season is one of the happiest and busiest times of the year. It is also the perfect time to show your nursing staff how much they mean to you. Below are some nursing staff appreciation ideas that you can use to thank your staff for their hard work during the holidays. 

  • We've titled this "Better Gift Ideas" because last year's holiday gift list didn't exactly earn us rave reviews. However, we are tenaciously trying again--with excellent suggestions from our community--inspired by last year's list.

  • You can become a travel nurse during any time of the year. However, becoming a travel nurse during the holiday season is especially rewarding. Not only does working during the holiday season provide you with intrinsic rewards, but you can also earn higher pay than you would working in a standard nursing job. 

  • Most people avoid scheduling shifts on the holidays if they can. However, working on the holidays can be advantageous. In fact, some travel nurses even find holiday shifts to be extremely rewarding. Below are some of the benefits to accepting shifts that fall on a special occasion.